Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Allergies....i'm sick of you. Go away!

I have the worst allergies!!! Living in South Louisiana this time of year is a nightmare for me. :( I've tried everything...benedryl, Allegra, Zyrtec, nose sprays, Chlortabs, neti pots (which help a ton), and any other allergy medicine you can think of. The only thing I have not done is have allergy testing but that's definitely in my future! Neti pots have been a great relief except that when I use them too often I get ear congestion so I can't use this method daily.

I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to tree pollen......especially Ligustrums! Thanks to every Tom, Dick and Harry for planting these in your yard...almost every allergy sufferer is allergic to these trees!

We went to Drug Emporium yesterday and found this stuff:

I decided that for $9 it was worth a try and so far it's worked like a charm...for the past 28 hours. It's a sublingual drop that tastes like vodka (check out the alcohol content on the label) but not half as bad as swallowing Nyquil. I haven't had any side effects like I do with every other allergy medication and especially NO DROWSINESS!!!! yay! I'm crossing my fingers that this little bottle continues its magic! I sneezed once today instead of 40 times like usual. I even checked the pollen count and saw that for the next 4 days it'll be in the "very high" range. The next few days will prove if it works or not. I'll update later! I hope this post can help others with allergies. Maybe this product can help you too. :)