Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twilight...I've finally given in.

If you don't recognize the first word in the title of this blog, you've been hibernating or living under a HUGE rock!

Stephanie Meyer's vampire book series and movie have been a major success! She is hands down the most recognized author among teens and young adults in 2009. Hopefully I still fit into the latter category. :)

My old roomate Andrea was reading "Twilight" last year and I just kind of brushed it off as something similar to the Harry Potter books, child-like and crazy-stupid science fiction. Sorry H.P. addicts!

So, my curiosity started about a month ago when I started watching HBO's hit series "True Blood" which is about a girl from South Louisiana who befriends a modern-day vampire. In "True Blood" vampires are "out of the closet" living among everyone else. They have their own laws to abide by and don't have to feed on humans to survive. Someone has developed a synthetic blood that they can buy in a 6-pack at their local grocery store. Here are some of "ads":

Anyway, the cajun accents in the series are TERRIBLE but the story line was so good that in no time I've finished season one. Of course, season 2 is currently airing and I don't have HBO so I'll have to wait to rent the DVD! Thank God for Netflix.

Josh and I went to Sam's last week (yeah, the place where you buy bags of chips as big as your car) and as I browsed through the best-sellers, I came across the Twilight saga.

I picked up the first book "Twilight" and Josh bought it for me. I figured, "If it is horrible no big deal. I'm sure I can find some teenager or vamp-obsessed freak to give it to." Man am I a hypocrite for thinking the whole world was nuts! I swore up and down last year that I wouldn't give in to the vampire books and here I am now obsessed with book #1 (which i'm almost finished with) and have the other three on order.

And yes, the book is so darn good that they made a movie about it! I'm NOT watching the movie yet, nor do I want to hear what happens in it. Hopefully nobody spills the beans in front of me!

I remember being very curious about vampires as a child and watching "Interview with the Vampire" with Tom Cruise and being obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the Kristy Swanson movie).

You can ask my mom how I wanted so very badly to be Buffy and stake the vamps...lol! I'm sure she'll tell you I've watched that movie a million and two times!

Great! Now i'm one of "those people."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall is approaching!

Ahhhh....the autumn leaves in fall! Wait, what am I thinking???? This is Louisiana, not Connecticut!

More accurate picture for this area, right?? Cypress trees and swamp.

We got our first hint of fall yesterday morning! 67 degrees and clear skies. Gorgeous day for a walk in the woods which is exactly what we did! Well, we actually went with friends to Hammond to pull deer stands out the woods, but close enough. :)

One of my friends that was with us got home last night and found a few "intruders" clinging to her body.........eeeeeeeeeeeewww, ticks!!! And i quote from her blog, "I hurried up and tried to kill this nasty, red, spider looking thing but it wouldn't budge. I tried everything in the book...even body slamming it...nothing worked." HAHAHA!!!

Nasty little devils!

Anyway, this isn't going to be a blog about ticks because Amber already covered that territory today (thank God I didn't have to do it!). I just wanted to say that Fall is approaching, hunting season starts in two weeks (count with me: one, two!) and I am one happy little coonass!