Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alton Brown's Superfood list

The other day Josh recommended I watch the Dr. Oz show because it was going to be about "Why women are so exhausted." Of course that explains me perfectly! I'm always so tired and never have energy so I figured I'd give the old Doc a shot. In this show he talks about how none of us eat right, shocker!!! lol!

Halfway through the program Alton Brown comes on and introduces the way he lost weight and kept it off by eating healthy foods. He explained exactly what foods we should have daily and what foods to completely avoid. It was very interesting!!!

We've been giving his little lists a shot and I'm feeling better about my food choices. Here they are below:

His presentation was quite intriguing. Check it out for yourself. He also gives a recipe for a low cal chocolate pie....mmmmm!

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  1. The 'Green Tea' is always the killer with me - reminds me of drinking grass clippings!!! But glad to hear it is working for you and knocking the tiredness on the head - feeling tired is definitely not the way to live. Will be following to see how this continues to work for you...now off to have a sticky through your site...