Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The Ranch"

We've been spending alot of time out there. Josh has been clearing the levee with his bobcat and I have been tending to my flower and veggie gardens (omg, I'm twice the nerd I was before). Here's the new jogging path:

We transplanted 4 japanese plum trees along the levee Sunday. I hope the little buggers do ok! Here's one of them:

Lantana grows like crazy out there so I had to snap a few photos!

We even have a good view of the scary tree house that the previous owners built. The first time we found this, there was a raccoon hiding in it and it scared the poo out of Josh. It was one of the funniest moments we ever had!!!

Sian even found a hole in the base of a tree that she thought was very interesting. I couldn't stop laughing! As soon as I learn how to upload videos on this thing, I'll post it!

We rested by my favorite little live oak tree....

And then I accidentally found "Oscar" as I put my hand 2 inches from his face. We let him live because we figured he'd eat the bugs and mice:

Saw a bird with an extremely long tail:

And ended the weekend cooking a yummy duck and sausage gumbo that was probably the best I'd ever made!

PS...I'll post pics of the garden soon. We spent all day Saturday transplanting all 46 corn plants (that I grew from seed thank you!), okra, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, blueberry bushes, orange and komquat trees. We were soooooo tired!


  1. How about you dig up some of those Lantana and bring them on over to Faculty Drive. Our yard is looking kinda pathetic. :)