Sunday, December 12, 2010


worn-out (wôrnout, wrn-)
1. Worn or used until no longer usable or effective.
2. Thoroughly exhausted; spent.

I know you guys think "oh man, seriously? she just had a week and a half of vacation" or "she's always tired." Yeah well, I am, big time! After having the best vacation/hunting trip ever, I came back to a week of chaos and no half day @ work....meaning, I worked about 45 -50 hours this week with no break and Toni is on salary so no overtime for her (boo hoo!).

I'm recovering from a nasty cold that just will not go away. I've been trying to survive on Mucinex and Sunny D. I have to say that I think the Sunny D is what kept me from getting so ill. Vitamin C baby!

Anyway, I hope to post pics soon of my wonderful trip to Mississippi (yay, me!) and maybe finish sewing Koda's hoodie that I started 2 weeks ago but the way we are working right now it just seems my life isn't for me anymore! Yes, I do all I can for the animal world but I'd like some "me time." It's already Sunday night, it's 8pm and I'm exhausted from deboning 3 deer in the freezing cold for what seemed like 5 hours today. Koda is already sleeping and my eyes are slowly trying to shut. Peace out world, until next time. :)

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