Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rave of the week: Moroccanoil

Anyone that knows me knows that I've been bleaching and dying my hair since the Mesozoic era! It has been every color in the rainbow and takes a real tow on my hair. Months ago I found Red-E to Go smoothing hair spray that has really saved my hair from tons of breakage...

Recently my hair stylist told me about Moroccanoil hair products and the absolute ridiculous price tag they slap on the bottles because it contains Argan oil. I ignored her of course and then came across an article saying that all the celebs use the stuff (I think Fergie was one of them, who doesn't love Fergie???). Six weeks later I return to do my hair and told her I was out of shampoo and conditioner at home. I mean, i've tried EVERY shamp and condi under the sun and usually stick with the cheap stuff (Suave and Dove). Every now and again I'll splurge for Rusk or Biolage. She proceeds to tell me that she has some Moroccanoil and i'm like "oooooh no, no way" and she said "but smell it" and I was in love. At 20 bucks a pop for shampoo and 20 bucks for conditioner at 8.5 oz each (ouch) I was thinking I was out of my mind! She said "don't worry, it's VERY concentrated and you only need a dime-sized amount. It should last you a while." Ok Tasha, whatever you say!

So, after adding more bleach, darker blonde and a little bit of purple "peek a boos" underneath I bought the stuff and couldn't wait to try it this morning. I added a dime-sized amount of shampoo and quarter-sized amount of conditioner and all i can say is "OOOOOH LA LA!". The fragrance is AWESOME. It's very exotic, tames fly-aways and makes your hair very smooth. Of course I still used my Red-E to go spray (a must have for any blonde) but Moroccanoil definately lives up to its price tag. That's almost a bad thing because I'm pretty sure I'll be a customer for a while! Crap!

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