Sunday, December 20, 2009

A weekend of firsts :)

Not only did I shoot my first snipe this weekend but I shot something I said I would NEVER shoot!

We were searching for woodcock and this rabbit zipped out of the bushes to my left (into more bushes). I shot 3 times and he went down. It was very exciting! I was just saying yesterday how I didn't want to hunt bunnies, lol! One of my favorite dishes is fried rabbit dipped in cheese from La Fonda's so I'll try and recreate it tomorrow night. YUUUUM!

Another cool thing is that I got to see Josh's pig that he shot earlier in the week. He had hauled it off into the bushes Monday and I had been saying that I wanted to see it. Lets just say that it REALLY stunk!!!! It's face was half eaten....ugh. I almost vomited but i just had to see it. Sorry, the picture was taken after dark moments after he shot it.

We sat in the deer stand on the pipeline tonight and I heard a fawn bleat for the first time!!! It was really close but we could hear it as it walked away from us.

What a great weekend!

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