Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fishing with Toni (that would make a great tv show for the Outdoor Channel!)

We went to the pond yesterday (day 4 of vacation) and Josh played with his Bobcat. I got a tan and a huge ego while I was there! I caught so many fish. Not to brag. :) Bill and Alice were telling us the night before that they hadn't seen sockalait in the pond in years and guess who caught two of them? ME! One was 10 inches which I think is really nice!!! Of course I caught a few small warmouths but I caught a really nice 10 inch brim too. I think Josh was proud of the sockalait. I mean, who wouldn't be?

All the fish shown in these pictures got to live, again. :) Catch and release (and make bigger babies).

First fish of the day, I had to take a pic:

The smaller of the 2 sockalait:

The 10 inch sockalait:

The 10 inch brim:

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