Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

So, technically today is my 3rd day of vacation out of 9 and it's been raining since I got off work Friday. 4 days of rain. I can't remember the last time we got so water-logged! They are promising for sunny skies later today. :)

On my first day of vacation (Saturday) I read a few magazines and learned how to operate a Bobcat (not the cat):

Pretty neat! I felt like i was the heart of a robot and i was knocking down trees like there was no tomorrow!

Anyway, that was day #2, it ended with yummy artichioso (add chicken) pizza from Amore and a movie called Vacancy.

Let me just some this craziness up for you. A husband and wife (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) break down on the highway (doesn't that always happen in a scary movie?) and walk 2 miles to a motel where NOBODY is staying there but them (clue #1 that somethings not right). As soon as they get into their "suite" someone starts banging on the adjoining room door and their outside door but when they open both doors nobody is there (clue #2 to get the poo out of there!). The husband goes complain to the manager who again states "nobody is staying here but you guys" and tells him he'll check on it. Yeah Right!!! Then, as they try to go to sleep, the husband finds these video tapes on the tv and puts one in the VCR. What does he find??? A movie of people being murdered aka a "snuff" film, except the movie has been shot in their motel room. He realizes the similarities in the movie and the room they are staying in and then puts in another video tape, only to find the same scenario but with different people being tortured in it (clue #3 to get going people!). He realizes the angles the video has been shot from and finds hidden video cameras in the vents (clue #4, need i go on??). I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone so I'll leave it at that. I'm all for scary movies but just not stupid ones. i gave this one 3 out of 5 stars.

Ok, so I slept really bad Saturday night because of that stupid movie. Regardless, Sunday was a new day (with rain in the forecast) but we went to Wal-Mart (yay!) and since they are getting rid of the majority of their arts and crafts and sewing department (sigh!) some of their stuff is clearanced, whoo hooo! So, I bought more beads and connectors and thought Josh was going to die looking at all the colorful small pieces of glass and plastic. He was super happy though when we walked over to the gardening department and he threw about 10 packs of seeds in the basket along with a mini-greenhouse and looked at me and said "now, grow these!" I guess he's more happy about the little veggie garden out at his place than I figured. Awesome!!! I'll grow anything from seed (if it stops raining).

So, I won't write about yesterday afternoon since I have pictures for it and they're stuck in my truck. And yes, it's raining again and I'm tired of looking like Diana Ross so the pictures can wait. I'll post later since we are going pick up Bobcat implements (again, not the cat) in Iowa (not the state, just the town). Tootles!!!!

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