Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Sian

Pronounced "See-anne". She is Josh's 5 year old Dutch Shepherd. Dutch Shepherds are known as police dogs and are very closely related to the Belgian Malanois. They are VERY active and need several hours of exercise daily. I'm not kidding when I say that 30 minutes day just doesn't cut it with her. She loves her "dummy" and won't leave you alone until you toss it. I've taken several pictures of her in the past year and thought I'd dedicate this blog to her. She's the sweetest dog I've ever known and has the biggest heart. When she's upset because we aren't spending enough time with her or if she feels like someone else is getting more attention, she lets us know by tucking her head under our arms. I love this dog so much. She tugs pretty hard on my heart strings. :)

We may have had a long day but I think she loves me too...

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