Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anti-Mosquito tips and tricks!

If you are anything like me, I seem to be the laughing stock of the mosquito community. I am the first and last one bit without wearing repellant. Everyone knows that mosquitos are MISERABLE to have around and in Louisiana there's absolutely nothing you can spray or bomb your yard with that'll work, sorry! All these chemicals in Off and Cutter are un-natural and NOT safe. I don't EVER use deet. Last time I sprayed myself with "OFF" i threw up everywhere and felt like I had fever and I said never again.

Josh discovered the BEST repellant out there. I'm not kidding when I say that we buy 5 to 10 bottles at a time between the two of us. It's all natural and I have NEVER been bitten while wearing it, unless I forget a spot like my elbows or something. I put it on my face too. It has a tolerable fragrance of lemon and eucalyptus and feels VERY cool on your skin and isn't that greasy. I've only found it at Academy in Lafayette. Repeat after me, "REPEL LEMON EUCALYPTUS REPELLANT." About $5.50 a bottle...well worth it!

The real test was when we went frogging on a hot July night in the marsh. There were 4 of us, nobody got bit. I ate a few mosquitos but it was much better than itching and scratching all night.

Now if you're can't spray all these scents on yourself or the deer would literally roll on the ground and laugh at you! Josh bought me a Thermacell, which is great unless its windy or you are walking around. If you are just sitting there, it's a great product! NO smell, even with a deer's sensitive nose. They go for about $20.

This is a fabulous article on how to repel mosquitos! I've learned some interesting things in here:

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