Wednesday, September 16, 2009's bacon!!! Turkey bacon that is.




I never eat regular bacon anymore, in fact it grosses me out.......yuck! Turkey bacon is the only bacon I'm masticating these days. Lower in fat and tastier than pork bacon, turkey bacon is the best thing since sliced bread (and tastes good on bread too!).

I figured I'd take it upon myself to rate the most commonly sold turkey bacon in the grocery stores these days. I've really only seen 3 of them and have given each several shots at pleasing my tastebuds.


I'll give this one 4 out of 5:

Taste is good. Texture is nice. You'd think the King of Bologna would have the best. I buy this one the most because it's the most commonly found.


I'll give this one 0 out of 5:

Jeannie, Oh no!!! What were you thinking? This one claims to have the lowest fat content of them all and I'm sure it's true since it tastes like cardboard. Takes FOREVER to cook and has an AWFUL after taste. YUCK!


5 STARS!!!!!

By far the BEST bacon i've ever had. Great taste, great texture......yum! :)

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