Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holy Buffalo!

Earlier this year I ate buffalo for the first time. I was kinda iffy but ate my Cabela's Buffalo burger anyway and man was it yummy!!!! I didn't realize how lean the meat was going to be. It almost tasted like a turkey burger...somewhere between turkey and lean beef.

Wednesday afternoon I went to Super 1 because they had a few necessities on sale and walked past the meat selection. Low and behold, they have ground buffalo! And might I add, no growth hormones or antibiotics. :)

Ok, so maybe everybody knew that but me?

Anyway, I took the meat, added an egg, breadcrumbs, chopped jalapenos and seasoning and threw it on the George Foreman.

As soon as it was done I slapped some mayo, mustard, mozzerella and avocado on that bad boy and it was gone in 60 seconds! Super yummy....why not expand your horizons and try something new?

Got Buffalo?

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