Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What being a "Cajun" means to me!

I remember being a child and not understanding what being "Cajun" was all about. All I knew is that my ancestors were from Europe and Nova Scotia, that Cajun people talked real funny, that they cook crazy dishes that people in other places think is gross. I was supposed to be proud of that?! We eat crawfish, a soup made of scavengers called "Gumbo," kill pigs by stabbing them in front of hundreds of people (a boucherie), listen to zydeco aka "chanka chanka", go "crabbin" by putting chicken necks on a string and dangling it in the water, celebrate a holiday that tells women to show their boobs for cheap beads....i mean, to a child, this is just weird.

The older I get, I've been able to embrace my heritage to the fullest! I enjoy everything and wouldn't live anywhere else. How strange that 10 years ago I was wondering if we were on our own planet! Now I realize that I'm part of the coolest culture in the world. There's nothing like it.

My dad's first language was Cajun French. I guess you could say it's a slang version of regular French. He's a Broussard (definately French) and speaks to his elders only in French.

The movie "Waterboy" with Adam Sandler was, for most Cajuns, a kick on the face. It was funny as hell but portrayed Southern Louisianians as unintelligent, red-neck and uneducated. But who cares what Hollywood thinks anyway??

Gumbo is on my top 5 dishes. Josh always says "Gumbo again?" when we go to a restaurant. Ha ha!

Let me debunk some myths:

*We do NOT live in the swamp. It's nearly impossible as your house would sink!
*We do NOT keep alligators as pets. It's illegal.
*Only special people eat raccoons!

That's all I can think of right now. Anybody wanna add anything???

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