Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Come on bow season!

Well, dove season opened Saturday and teal season opens this Saturday but my first year of bow hunting deer starts next Saturday (September 19th). Everyone knows what it's like waiting for Christmas right? When ALL you can think about is presents, food and family??? This is my Christmas!

I'm super excited...that's an understatement. When I tell you that thinking about it gets my heart pumping really really fast is putting it mildly. I think about it at least 10 times a day so I'm likely to give myself a heart attack. As I told Josh last night, I've never in my life gotten so excited about something, NEVER! We were looking at deer skulls that he's collected from his past and the fever started all over again. Its become such a passion for me that I would give my left foot (that probably wouldn't do me much good) to hunt professionally and do it 365 days a year. I don't care about waking up at 4am or freezing my cadoochies off, it's the most awesome experience to me. What sucks (sorry mom for the terminology) is that it only lasts until January. :(

To be so blessed to be able to enjoy land that doesn't have buildings on it, that's never been touched by man is the best feeling. I sit quietly and blend in with the trees, watch nature, breathe fresh air and just....be.

I've been practicing my butt off with the bow, shooting moving targets from the ladder stand 20ft up in Josh's back yard and I'm almost "there." I'm not going to shoot a living, breathing creature if I'm not 100% of my shot, especially when a bow is a primitive object that doesn't usually kill right away on impact. It's sad that some hunters do not feel that way. We all make mistakes sometimes but some hunters will shoot anything that moves, anywhere on the animal's body, but that is another story and doesn't ever have a happy ending for the animal. They are God's creatures, just as we are, and deserve the upmost respect as we invade their territory. THAT should be on a bumper sticker!

It's really not the kill that I obsess about because that would be a little weird. The camaraderie among friends (mostly male-ha!), getting a bird's eye view of nature and being away from cell phones and technology is sometimes such a blessing! Its good to have something that reminds you that you are alive. To remind me that I do have a heart, i am affected by the weather and every living thing tries to survive in its own way with the natural defenses that God gave it.

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